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We offer a free on-site evaluation, including drainage, grading, cultural concerns, as well as the client’s desire for immediate and future use of their property. We offer full landscape planning from concept to working drawings (which can be used for permitting purposes if needed). We pride ourselves in the flexibility that we are able to offer whether the project is immediate or phased over stages. We are with you through the entire project from start until completion! We offer a traditional style of design. Our offerings include dimensional, scaled, and color rendered drawings so you are able to visualize the completed result.

Function and form are key concepts when creating a project together. Backed by our experience gathered from being in business for over 35 years, we make sure to cover all necessary elements of a successful design to guarantee your desired result.

At Pine Brook Landscape Nursery, customer service is our #1 priority. By getting to know and paying close attention to your specific needs throughout the project, it allows us to not only meet but exceed your expectations not only with the end result, but throughout the entirety of the project.